Isabel Amber

photographed by Max Cardelli For D La Repubblica April 2014

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Anonymous asked:
Yuss. You do look like Gubler. You are both cuties. Finito. I'm right and you are wrong. Bye.

Lol Kay, byeeeee ;)

Anonymous asked:
You doooooo. Ofc you do

Naw you crazy

Anonymous asked:
you also kinda look like this this guy i met at an AA meeting whos face i sat on in the parking lot afterwards.... he stopped coming to AA after that.

That’s tight

Anonymous asked:
You also look like Matthew Gubler from criminal minds o.o


you crazy 

Anonymous asked:
You kinda look like Arin from Avenged Sevenfold. But I don't think that's relevant bc you probably don't listen do them

ha! I have never heard that one before ;]

and no I do not listen to tha a7x 

they heavier than Job for a cowboy

like look how happy everyone looks


acoustic sets r so sweet 

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oh shit

mid summer, I’m gunna get to see Touche Amore/ Tigers aw/ DADS

same show, so stoked